If you’re a product creator or small business owner, you may be asking yourself, what makes a good product label? WIth over fifty years in the label printing business, we know how to produce the best quality labels for the lowest price. 


Before starting your label design and sourcing process, it’s a good idea to get a few things straight to set yourself up for success. 


What type of product are you labeling?

Is your product being sold online? Is it being sold in person at a retail location? Knowing where you product will be sold, and more importantly how it will be marketed, is imperative to the label design process. 


For example, retail products will depend on what type of store they’re being sold in, and be considerate of the current market climate. If you’re selling at Target, you’ll want a more modern, simple design than if you’re selling at Party City. Keeping your target market in mind will help you choose colors, design style, fonts, and label type.


Online products have their own challenges, but should focus on design over feel since they will be sold 100% virtually. Consider getting the highest quality product photographer you can find to really convey your product’s value. 


What type of packaging is your label going on? 

The other big question is what type of packaging your label will adhere to. Some products need a robust packaging setup, while others products like beer, wine, and water bottles can take a label right on the product itself. 


Stick on labels/packaging has its benefits and downfalls. First, if you have a higher end product, it may be best to adhere your label to custom packaging. 


The time to choose a custom printed stick on label is when your priorities lie in 1) affordability or 2) environmental sustainability. For the former, forgoing packaging can save you precious pennies on each sale, which adds up to significant cash at the end of the year. 


From an environmental standpoint, labeling the products directly can cut down on waste, reduce shipping weight, and create an overall more sustainable product. 


What makes great custom product labels?

Ok so now that you know what type of labels you need, it’s time to clarify what really matters. At Graphics Universal, we’ve narrowed it down to three main points that every great product label must have


1. Quality Product Label Materials

To convey your product quality, you need to start with a quality label material. Think of the impression you’ll make when you present your fresh new product to a potential customer, investor, or partner. You see their eyes light up because they can feel the quality in their hands. 


When it comes to beverage labeling, this is all the more important. We’ve all sat down with a cold soda or beer just to have the label start to tear and peel off. At Graphics Universal, we’re experts in custom beverage product labels, and guarantee full adhesion on your beverage no matter what the temperature. 


2. Fast Shipping Product Labels

It’s convenient, sure. But more than just being a nice thing to have, fast shipping product labels can really save the day. 


Consider it’s your busy season, or maybe a holiday is coming up. Or maybe your team just developed the perfect new scent, color, or flavor of your product. You need to get those products out the door yesterday, and you don’t have time to wait for your labels to come in. 


3. Clearly Branded Labels

There’s nothing worse than a messy label (other than maybe a boring label). To create a stunning label that will have your products flying off the shelves, make sure your label has your logo front and center, and has a clear message. Maybe your product is made with all natural ingredients. Or maybe you donate a portion of your profits to a good cause. Let it be known!


A good product label catches the eye, begging the customer to pause and take a look. 


Custom Product Labels 

Here at Graphics Universal, we print custom product labels that your brand can be proud of. Whether you’re looking for beer or wine labels, water bottle labels, food packaging, or a custom solution, Graphics Universal is here to bring your products to life for less.