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High-Quality Custom Food & Beverage Label Printing 

Graphics Universal is well known for its industry-leading customer service, excellent designs, and high-quality printing solutions for many mid-Atlantic-based food packaging companies. Whether you need 500 or 5,000,000 labels, Graphics Universal is the right choice to help you showcase your product. Our attention to detail and high-quality processes make your brand’s food & beverage labels stand out and get noticed.

Graphics Universal combines its fifty-five-year track record of superior customer service with the highest quality digital and flexographic label printing technology to deliver unmatched value to its client-partners.

Our Custom Printing Meets All Types of Food Packaging Label Needs

Graphics Universal provides innovative food packaging label solutions to businesses of all sizes and in a variety of food and beverage industry segments. Our clients range from small farm markets to craft breweries and large food retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers throughout the mid-Atlantic region and North America.

Food Label FDA Requirements

See our FDA requirements and regulations page for more information about added sugars, ingredients order, label sizing and other legal regulations for food labels.

Why Use Us For Food Labeling Stickers

We work with food wholesalers, dairies, and a variety of packagers that require direct food contact and other food labeling stickers. We work with you through every step of the label production process, including details like color, size, dimensions, and more. We will also help you identify the best material and adhesive to ensure your custom food & beverage labels remain in place and safe for the end-user.

Industry-Specific Considerations: 

Creating effective and compliant food and beverage labels requires industry-specific considerations that vary depending on the type of product. Businesses must understand these unique label considerations to create labels that meet the needs of their products and comply with industry regulations.

For instance, perishable food items such as meat, dairy, and produce require labels that include clear indications of the product’s expiration date and storage instructions to ensure safety and maintain quality. On the other hand, dry goods like cereal or snack bars require labels that can withstand a longer shelf life and do not require refrigeration.

Similarly, beverage labels have their own special considerations. Carbonated drinks require labels that can withstand the pressure created by carbonation, while labels for wine and spirits must comply with regulations that specify alcohol content and origin.

The product packaging can also impact label design. Products in clear containers may require labels with clear backgrounds, while metallic or opaque containers may benefit from labels with bright colors or bold typography to stand out on the shelf.

By considering these industry-specific factors, businesses can design labels that are both effective and compliant, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.


When it comes to food and beverage products, branding plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. The packaging and labeling of a product can make a significant impact on a customer’s perception of the brand and their decision to purchase the product. Therefore, businesses must use food and beverage labels to differentiate their products from competitors and create a memorable brand image.

Effective branding through label design can involve various factors, such as color choice, typography, and imagery. For example, a product that targets a health-conscious audience may benefit from a label design that uses natural and earthy colors, while a product aimed at children may have bright and playful colors. Typography can also play a significant role in creating a brand image, as the font choice can convey different messages about the product and its intended audience.

Developing a cohesive brand image across various product lines is also essential for establishing a strong brand identity. By maintaining consistency in label design and incorporating similar elements across different product lines, businesses can create a recognizable and cohesive brand image that customers can easily identify. This can help increase brand loyalty and ultimately lead to greater sales and success in the market.

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