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Direct Mailing Service

Looking for a direct mailing service solutions partner to help you with your direct mail campaigns? Graphics Universal answers the call. Whether you’re looking for total market coverage or a more targeted mailing campaign, we can help. Graphics Universal provides its client-partners with a full suite of direct mailing services including: 


  • Affix accurate postage, compile proper documentation, and deliver to the Post Office.
  • Constant merge, purge, and NCOA update capabilities to keep your lists current.
  • Custom design and content development to transform your idea into distinctive print communication.
  • EDDM®
  • First-class, periodical, non-profit and standard presorts mailing rates.
  • Input and maintenance of client mailing lists.
  • Presort permits (first-class and standard) available for customer use.
  • Printing and Finishing
  • Procurement of customized NCOA Move Updated mailing lists to meet your specifications.
  • Snailworks™ Tracking Services

Why Choose Graphics Universal Inc For Your Direct Mailing?

Flexibility: Graphics Universal is a commercial printer which means that our direct mail clients have access to our complete inventory of conventional and digital printing assets. This provides our client-partners significant flexibility to produce and deliver its message, quickly and in a variety of options including personalized letters and postcards, color brochures, and just about any format your design team can think of. The choice is up to you and your budget.

Targeting: The success rate of your direct mail campaign is largely proportional to the quality of your mail list. When you work with Graphics Universal you benefit from our many years of experience creating and executing successful direct mail campaigns. We only work with the mail list suppliers who have stood the test of time and who we know we can count on to deliver your target audience. 

Fast Turnaround: Because our printing and direct mailing operations are housed under one roof we can turn around your direct mail projects fast, typically direct mail deliverables mail within 2-5 business days* after printing has been completed.

No Shipping Charges: When you work with a company that has both its printing and its direct mailing operations in the same facility you save the costs of having your printed products shipped to your mail house.

List Certification: We will CASS certify your list to ensure that addresses are current and valid. We also remove duplicate addresses so that you only pay for what we mail. 

* Please confirm with your customer service representative the projected mail date of your direct mail project as actual mail dates may vary due to current plant loading.

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With more than 55 years of experience in commercial printing, Graphics Universal’s team of direct mailing experts and state-of-the-art printing technology create a value proposition not easily matched in the mid-Atlantic region.

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