Lobby Display Board Ideas

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Define what you want to commune to your guests. Your lobby display case should imitate and make a distinction for your brand. What kind of moods do you want to arouse with your graphic design? Enthusiasm, luxury, harmony? They should also make an unforgettable experience for your customers!

We’ve drawn up a list of lobby display ideas to influence anyone who enters your property. You’ll find exceptional lobby display board ideas and learn how to combine them flawlessly into the general design. Here we go:

Lobby display board Ideas

Office lobby design creativeness comes in numerous forms. What are the best ways to design a lobby board? Read ahead for some amazing ideas that will make your space shine!

Printed quotations and happy pictures

A beaming receptionist is an initial person to deal with your visitors’ requirements. Complement the atmosphere with delicate interior signs. You can utilize office reception desk design ideas like delightful printed quotes or warm pictures to lift the atmosphere. 

You can get lobby designs with energetic features like light fittings and flowery painted walls. You can also play light music at a low volume and let it float throughout. These ideas will strengthen the space and set an enjoyable mood for guests as they stroll in.

Boho Lobby Designs are a classic

Get a fashionable effect for your office lobby design from the Boho crusade. The style combines happy-go-lucky vibes with vibrant colors, textures, and decorations to make real-world spaces. 

This might comprise mixing retro banners with traditional furniture. You can also add striking designs like 3D signs and prints. You can let the exterior of your lobby entice clients with graphically attractive pylon signs.

Rejoice in your brand’s exceptional and inspiring individuality with Bohemian lobby ideas. You can experiment with golden, white, and grey lobby displays.

Pop Art Themes for a creative lobby

Pop art is an uprising against the exclusiveness of fine arts. This imaginative lobby design assimilates graphic designs underlining self-determination and creativity. Select first-class printed signs that don’t follow ordinary shapes. 

Ingenious lobby reception design with a pop art style is about the experiment. Don’t fail to benefit from adding outstanding building signs for the outside of your buildings to reach a consistent design.

Display your cafeteria’s carte du jour on lobby digital signage

It’s difficult to argue that vibrant displays of delightful eats aren’t lip-smacking. This is why eateries, coffee shops, and bars use digitally printed signage. Not only should the digital prints in your lobby guide guests to the cafeteria, but they should also likewise feature the flavorsome selections that are accessible. 

When scheming your digital menu, be certain to add prices, calorie totals, and even dietary info to help guests make simple decisions.

Lobby Designs


These lobby design ideas will show the exceptional character of your institute. Planning a lobby isn’t easy, but with the correct approach in mind, it will be one of the most helpful.

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