Mail Tracking Services

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Mail Tracking Services

Graphics Universal is pleased to use the Snailworks™ suite of Direct Mail tracking apps to track postal mail, launch campaigns, and synchronize all of your direct marketing from one place.

Using Snailworks™ Graphics Universal delivers the industry’s most intuitive reporting

Outbound Mail Tracking and Reporting

  • Reporting available by first scan, last scan, and delivery date
  • Drillable reports from a national view to a single piece
  • Multi-version projects supported

Inbound/Reply Mail Tracking and Reporting

  • Know exactly who is responding, and when
  • Anticipate and plan for incoming revenue
  • Simple, intuitive, powerful reports

YourMail reporting allows you to share delivery data with dealers, branches, clients, and chapters – just as the mail arrives

Forwarded and Returned Mail reports let you know when and where mail is redirected

Why Use Mail Tracking Services

  • Real-Time Tracking — SnailWorks Mail Tracking™ lets you follow every piece of mail – one at a time or millions at a time.
  • Perfect Timing — SnailWorks Mail Tracking™ is designed to trigger other marketing channels, coordinating all of your direct marketing events around mail delivery.
  • Share Simple, Powerful Reports With The Field – your branches, franchisees, chapters – automatically let them know when their mail is delivered so they can get ready for business.

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