Every business needs to run promotional campaigns to upsurge visibility and get additional sales, regardless of their magnitude. And one of the finest ways to promote a company is by utilizing printed materials.

It is when commercial printing can come in handy. So, what is commercial printing? Naturally, there are numerous occasions when you would need to print resources for advertising purposes. Nevertheless, you might not be fully prepared to conduct such consistent and mass printings. But, you can select various commercial printing methods based on your requirements and budget. Let’s dig a little deeper:  

Offset Lithography

Offset lithography printing is a technique that utilizes an image transfer procedure. This printing technique has been used for a wide range of products, including books, papers, posters, and writing materials. It’s also extensively used by industries globally. 

One of the excellent things about offset lithography is that it can be used to print on nearly any surface! It’sIt’s a fantastic option for companies who need to create huge quantities of printed materials rapidly and proficiently.  


The most prevalent option is digital printing, which is economical. And it permits you to print in lesser quantities. 

You can customize your prints, making them flawless for exceptional occasions or exclusive gifts. Digital printing is becoming progressively popular due to its cost-effectiveness and customization. 

Large Format

Large-format printing will do the trick for you if you want to make a remarkable impression. Whether you need to create signage, posters, or additional wall-hanging items, this printing is impeccable for companies that must get their message across rapidly and successfully.


LED UV printing is a technology that prints on distinctive white paper using an LED light. This curing method takes merely three minutes to make a fluorescent material. And it is very rapid at drying and curing materials while upholding quality control. Companies that utilize this technology have been able to profit from shorter turnaround times and superior quality control. And they do it in less time, energy, or money expended on their projects. 

Where to get help?

A commercial printing service can benefit you get your items published in first-class quality without you doing the dirty work. For over five decades, companies and non-profit organizations of all sizes have had faith in Graphics Universal with their most vital printing projects. From offset printing, digital printing, and variable data printing to designing, this Philadelphia-based company has it all under one roof!