Purple Deck Media is an all-in-one solutions provider that specializes in a cloud based software that bridges the gap between the physical and the virtual world. Their leading mobile product – MobileDeck™ – provides the fastest way to quickly create and deploy native mobile applications. Their cloud management platform for NFC (Near Field Communication) and IoT (Internet of Things) – TapLive™ – provides a way to streamline content delivery, information gathering, and much more. Purple Deck’s platform provides a way to develop custom solutions tailored to a variety of industries. As a company they strive to see a future in which access to information can be available easily and effortlessly without the need to search. They believe that in the near future, all objects that we come across will be NFC enabled.

NFC technology complements today’s contactless technologies. It makes life easier and more convenient for consumers around the world by making it simpler to make transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with a touch. In a world of interactivity, the power of Purple Deck Media enhances each marketing vertical and tools to achieve solutions. Areas such as data assembly and exchange, access control, health care, loyalty and coupons, transportation, payments, consumer knowledge, and so much more are more accessible and simplified with NFC technology.

Purple Deck Media is announcing their partnership with Graphics Universal and the creation of interactive paper products through NFC (Near Field Communication). By connecting print and digital media to one another, there are infinite possibilities for content delivery through NFC. Purple Deck Media’s content delivery and management system allows you to have full control over the experience a user has when they tap their NFC enabled device. This technology can be used to deliver a website, file, video, contact information, and more. NFC will allow print media to tie videos to marketing collateral – it will enable consumers to be prompted to a videos, extra information, and so on with a simple touch of their cellphone to any paper product. NFC can turn a simple label into an interactive video. It will also add security to different paper products. With this technology, print media is quickly evolving and becoming a bigger part of today’s society.

Garon Gembe, President of Graphics Universal, stated that, “I think it’s a great opportunity between our two companies to work together and be a part of this cutting edge technology. We are able to incorporate both of our industries – print and electronic – to bring value to the end consumer.”

Mark Witman, Director of Key Accounts & BD, expressed his excitement for NFC-enabled print media by stating that, “We’re excited about the convergence between print and digital media and the way that NFC provides that opportunity. Specifically with regards to labels; NFC allows us to bring that label to life.”

Nathan Neil, COO of Purple Deck Media, stated that, “At Purple Deck Media we imagine a world where all objects are interactive and our partnership with Graphics Universal is part of that. In having labels, paper products and catalogues become interactive, we can bridge the gap between what we physically have in front of us and the virtual world.”