AA – Author’s Alterations
Changes made by customer after the first proof.

An additional 1/8″ of image on all sides of pages outside the trim/crop marks.

Clipping Path
A path around the visible part of an image to remove the background from printing.

An acronym for cyan, magenta, yellow and black; four-color, process printing.

Crop Marks
Also called trim/cut marks, lines at right angles located 1/8″ away from edge. Indicates where to cut final product.

Die Line/Die Cut
An irregular shape converted to a metal die to cut paper.

Digital Printing
Using a laser or inket printer to print final product.

Dot Gain
Halftone dots printing larger than intented because of paper, ink, exposure.

Dots Per Inch. Refers to the number of resolution dots in one square inch. Offset minimum standards are 300 dpi or (300 x 300 = 90,000).

Also called mockup. A simulation of the final product. Frequently produced at a reduced size.

Type of paper stock which is finished on both sides or being printed on both sides.

Encapsulated PostScript file type.

A method of printing using rubber/plastic plates with raised images. Abbreviated as flexo.

Four-color Process
Technique of printing using variations of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Also called Process.

A color or image that changes densities smoothly and gradually.

Arrangement of pages on a press sheet so that they will appear in proper order after press sheets are folded and cut.

To print new copy on a previosly printed sheet.

An indicia is a marking on a mail piece showing that postage has been paid by the sender.

Offset Printing
Printing technique that transfers from a plate to a blanket then to the printing surface.

A pdf is a portable document format. It has become widely used because it limits editing or modifying and is easily viewed by most all computers.

Pantone Matching System used by the printing industry to print specific colors. Referred to as Patone color or spot color.

Raster-based Images
Raster-based images are images produced out of pixels. Raster images are resolution dependent and often are not editable. Adobe Photoshop files: .tif, .jpeg, .bitmap, .gif.

The number of pixels in a specific area to render the quality of the image.

Red, Green, Blue. The color process used for additive color. The color mode pertains to computer monitors, TVs, and web art.

Saddle Stitching
The process of binding by “stapling” sheets together at the spine.

Separate pieces of film holding the images of the four-color process art.

A color created by a percentage of dots instead of full ink coverage, not to be confused with transparency.

The binding edge of a publication.

Refers the type of material to be printed on.

A setting in professional layout programs to allow other images to be seen below the top object.

Trapping helps avoid unwanted white areas between colors when misregistration occurs.

Is a coating applied to protect a printed surface or to enhance a design.

Vector-based Images
Images created by combining geometric shapes. These images can be scaled to any size without a loss in quality. Adobe Illustrator files: .ai and .eps.

The logo of paper manufacturer embossed in paper during manufacturing process.